From all flowers, the rose is considered one of the most elegant because of its tall and thin stem. The rose is the flower symbol of love, romanticism, happiness and friendship.

Care & Instructions:

  •  Do not shake
  •  Do not turn it upside down
  •  Do not open it
  •  Keep away from sun or high temperatures
  •  Do not hit
  •  Children 13+
 Natural roses.
 2 decorative and matchable sheets according to the rose.
 1 decorative mesh.
 Durability: 1 month.
 Dimensions 6.3in x 6.3in x 6.7in

MEXIFLOWER LLC our mission of being the leading supplier of superior quality roses requires that we limit our selection to only those best-selling varieties. This focus on quality instead of quantity allows us to exercise the management and expertise required to provide you with rose varieties that are consistently available and at the highest level of quality. Every rose must meet our stringent requirements for bloom size, stem and foliage quality, ideal flower development, maximum value, controlled freshness and product longevity.

No Rotation – Our inventory policies guarantee that you get the freshest flowers. Our maximum rotation is the shortest in Austin– 48 hours for color roses, 72 hours for reds.

Quality-Minded Packaging – Our beautiful roses are cut and packed to ensure proper hydration, avoid damage during shipping, and contribute to a longer vase life.